Friday, February 27, 2009

Craptastic Site... almost complete

Well, well, well...

It is midnight currently and I have been having, all night, some major writer's block on this assignment. I'm currently going through the articles to gather my thoughts on how I wish to use each one and then I can put together all of my answers to the questions, add some flair to my prose and it should be all good.

Despite all of this, I am major-ly worried about how this assignment is going to turn out, and whether or not my grade will reflect my late night work. Lucky for me I have been gradually gathering my thoughts so it won't be next to impossible, but it is still difficult. Beyond that, my site only had 12 errors when I validated it (on the home page) and the other page had about 35 or somthing... that just doesn't seem like very many and I think it's awful. Although, many people made sites that turned out worse than mine... I'm just not quite sure how to change it, and it is sort of too late to do so because I really want to be done with the writing aspect, haha.

Wish me luck. Maybe I'll be done by 2 a.m. ... with plenty of time to check it again before I hand it in. :)

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