Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Falling in Love with Fiction

Now that Hollywood has gone ahead and created an entire movie based on falling in love with a fictional character, I feel compelled to share — like the that dork I am — the characters who have stolen my heart forever (and warped my view of what a man should act like when it comes to romance). In no particular order, I present the most lovely men of fiction:

Ben Covington, TV's Felicity
I'm not even sure where to start with the beloved-by-every-fan-of-the-show Ben, but from this character's ability to fulfill every girl's fantasy ever (i.e., winning the man of your dreams) to his adorable sincerity and inability to speak above a whisper, there's nothing about this man that isn't lovable. He relieves stress through sport (basketball, swimming and track), fights relentlessly for what he wants, ends up pre-med, and is unbelievably dreamy... I mean, look at that face.

Jack Dawson, Titanic
Of all the great qualities that Jack has, his two best are as follows: he's adventurous and he's from Wisconsin. For one, I'm a huge Green Bay Packers fan and while the NFL did not exist in 1912, I like to think Jack is too. Jack's adventurousness helped to broaden Rose's horizons and open her up to new possibilities. She felt trapped, he helped her (thus saving her life). Basically, he's exactly the man you want to be by your side forever, keeping you young and loving life. "To making it count!"

Chandler Bing, TV's Friends
Chandler Bing is hilarious. Chandler Bing is probably one of the best husbands to grace the small screen. The way he and Monica fell in love is adorable. The way he proposed is adorable. The way he always cuts himself down or is the brunt of gay jokes is adorable. Despite being the character most made fun of for his inability to attract women, he's somehow the most appealing (don't get me wrong, there are major awesome qualities to Joey and Ross as well).

Tom Hansen, (500) Days of Summer
Tom Hansen is, realistically, the one man on this list that things would most likely not work out with were we to date in real life (should he actually be real). I say this because I feel as though our relationship would end up like his with Summer. In most relationships, I am Summer, which would not fair well for Tom. That aside, he is like my hipster dream boy. He even made this list over Seth Cohen, who was my obsession for four straight years. He beats Seth for two reasons: His eyes don't wander and he's an architect who used to write greeting cards for a living.
Harry Potter, book series
Harry Potter is, like, the ULTIMATE guy. I realize it's totally cliche of me to pine for the title character of a book series but let's just consider the facts... Harry Potter is brave. Harry Potter is unfailingly kind and completely selfless. Harry Potter has lost everything, yet remains insanely positive. Harry Potter is a great friend. Harry Potter defeats the most terrifying man ever invented. Harry Potter is magical. I could go on, but I think I've made my point.

Runners Up: Seth Cohen (TV's The O.C.), Noah Calhoun (The Notebook), Marshall Eriksen (TV's How I Met Your Mother), Angel (TV's Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Aladdin (Disney), George Banks (It's a Wonderful Life), Scott Wormer (Now & Then), Zack Morris (TV's Saved by the Bell)

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