Sunday, January 25, 2009

Website Analysis

Here is my final, official analysis of the Nylon website.

-- Target Audience: Young men [NYLON Guys] and women [NYLON] probably aged between 17 and 25, who are very fashion/style forward. Particularly the artsy young crowd.
-- Most Common Tasks: Since this is a website for a magazine I think the most common tasks carried out on the site are probably the signing up or renewing either the magazine or the digital magazine subscriptions. There’s also a “nylon mall” tab where already avid readers can find some of the clothes that they’ve seen featured in recent issues and a “nylon TV” tab that has fun interviews and other types of segments with celebrities, etc. I think that those are probably common tasks performed because they represent two things that you can’t do if you were to only look at the magazines themselves.
-- Tasks to Specific Users: As for tasks involving specific users, I think that each section is clearly labeled to target the specific audiences. There is a “nylon guys” tab that is definitely aimed specifically at the men who are visiting, but they very well could be just as interested in the TV, fashion, blog, radar and culture sections as the main target of fashion-forward women would be.
-- User Navigation: The way NYLON has set up their site makes it extremely easy for users to navigate throughout. Each clickable heading is very self-explanatory and each section has the same basic layout, a tactic that makes the user’s time that much more effective.

Design-Layout Level
-- Navigation Structure: They have a horizontal navigation strip separated into sections and those that have a little bit more under them have a small, horizontal list appear below them if you click on the words. In addition, the search bar makes for an excellent navigational tool.
-- Branding/Logo: On this page you can barely get AWAY from their brand name or logo and that is good for them. Their main title has a bit of animation, which is very eye catching and is consistent with the look of the magazine covers. Also, there are many examples of the title and various covers throughout the first page.
-- Color Schemes: The main page color is a slate grey with a white solid square in the middle. All writing is in mostly black with various grey tones throughout the block-y set up. Highlighted words in the top navigation are a bright yellow. These neutral colors allow the rest of the colors, graphics, and lettering on the pages to stand out.
-- Layout Presentation: The layout presentation is done very, very well. I think that NYLON has made the navigation easy, the layout eye-catching, and the site altogether attractive. Users want to spend a little time checking out this site because it is so fun and modern – not to mention the magazine is terrific at just that.

Summary: All in all, I believe NYLON does an excellent job separating their Web page into fun categories. It is very noticeable that the site is updated regularly and that they pay attention to detail, yet still have a lot of fun with what they’re doing. I’m extremely excited to have chosen this for our analysis.

So far, my partner and I have only designed the basic and overall layout of our Powerpoint Presentation and it is AMAZING. We designed it to look like the website does and created a master slide just like all of the things have told us to (that we've read) and I am super excited about it!

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