Thursday, January 22, 2009

Final Project

Our final project is to create a website on any topic of our choosing.
Through brainstorming I have come up with two possible ideas which are as follows (maybe I'll get a better idea later):

1) Creating a Web site for MSU's Social Science in the Eastern Mediterranean Study Abroad program (in Greece) that I will be attending this summer -- this site would combine the information on the page it has in MSU's study abroad section with that on the Angel site members are a part of so that it could go into more detail. In addition, I would add informative sections about Greek culture, language, and culinary arts.

2) Creating a website for the Spartan International Program -- this idea came to me after I volunteered for the Martin Luther King Jr. day of service because it is an amazing program, started by Carlos Fuentes, and I really enjoyed everyone that I met from it. I, however, am unsure as to whether or not the program already has a website. After my search on MSU's site returned some results but no definite independent-of-anything-else site, I'm thinking that maybe it does not. I, however, do have Mr. Fuentes' information in order to contact him about it.

As of right now, I have e-mailed one of my program directors and am hoping to hear back from him soon. If the abroad site does not turn out to be a go, I will e-mail SIP and look into that one... keep ya posted!

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