Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Alright, it turns out right now I am punching through about a bagillion things we have to read for class tomorrow and, I must say, one of them has been pretty interesting and I am going to share a little bit about it with you right now.

The following is from the study, "A Typology of Information and Communication Technology Users":

- Ten Different Groups of [American] Users of Information Technology and Communication

Elite Users
1. Omnivores (have the most information gadgets and services)
2. Connectors (b/w feature-packed cell phones and frequent online use)
3. Lackluster Veterans (frequent use of Internet, not so much about cell phones)
4. Productivity Enhancers (have strongly positive views about what technology has to offer)

Middle-of-the-Road Tech Users
5. Mobile Centrics (fully embrace cell phone use, yet do not utilize the Internet often)
6. Connected but Hassled (find "online" intrusive and see it as a bit of a burden)

Few Tech Assests
7. Inexperienced Experimenters (occasionally take advantage of interactivity)
8. Light but Satisfied (have some technology, but it does not play a huge role in their daily lives
9. Indifferents (use things only intermittently and find connectivity annoying)
10. Off the Network (do not own any form of technology and tend to be older adults who are content with old media)

... I just thought those results were pretty interesting.

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