Thursday, January 29, 2009

Presentation Day

Today is the day of presenting.

Lauren and I are going second to last, sadly.

We did not submit our requests until sometime after class on the day we had to because we were so into our work.

Let's hope it paid off and the fact that we're almost last matters not at all, haha :)

The only thing I'm a tad nervous about is whether or not we'll be able to see the notes we have on the bottom of the screen. Normally, when I use my Mac and I have created notes and it is hooked up to a projector, when you go into presentation view it still looks the same on the screen, but it projects only the slides.

I have provided us each with a page of our brief notes, just in case it is necessary. I'll probably go print all of the slides for our professor, too. I like to be as prepared as possible.

P.S. I am slightly annoyed that immediately after class I have to go to work until 11... it is seeming like a seriously huge amount of time.

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