Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A little rant... ;)

Okay, so this little entry is going to me be complaining just for a little bit... I apologize if I get a little out of hand. :)
First of all, I'm going to assume that whomever is reading this goes to MSU and am going to point out that the e-mail service is currently driving me bonkers (!). Each time I attempt to check my e-mail it either doesn't work or it takes at least 10 minutes, which is mainly frustrating because it is important that I am able to check my e-mail in order to receive information about my work schedule and about classwork AND about the study abroad I am currently preparing for. All in all, I would like to pose the open-ended question: why is this happening? If anyone has the slightest form of an answer, I would love to hear it.
Second, for my IAH class I have to keep up on current news via the New York Times and State News specifically those articles which highlight violence, peace, war, or the environment. As I was doing this yesterday to prepare for the class I had today, I remembered that there had been a cover article on breaking from violence and  the recent attacks in Gaza in the SN and wanted to read it. Unfortunately for me, I had not retrieved a copy of the paper and had to resort to searching online. My search, however, was surprisingly difficult and I thought how nice it might be if there were some way that one could choose "yesterday's articles" or something in order for it to be a bit simpler. Just a thought.
Anyway, that's it for my complaining ;). Have a fabulous night!

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