Tuesday, January 13, 2009

First Day

I have just returned home from our first day of class in WRA 210 and decided to get a jump start and create my blog, as well as post my first entry.
I found it very interesting as I was creating this that "blogger.com" was the website that originates many of the links I receive when using the Google search engine. I was unaware that that was how most of the blogs got create. I mean, of course I knew that they had to come from somewhere, but I just hadn't known where it was. It makes sense that it would come from Google, too, when you think about it because these days Google does just about everything and is used by practically everyone... and keeps on growing.

Anyway, off of the Google rant... Today in class we basically went over the syllabus and talked about our favorite websites and their best qualities, as well as bad qualities they may have or that other sites may have, in order to set some goals for what we would like to create during our time in this class. Some of the sites we mention included: www.4chan.com, www.perezhilton.com, www.facebook.com, www.postsecret.com, www.meriam-webster.com, and many others.
All in all, I think this class is going to prove to be beneficial for the particular fields I'm involving myself in and just to add to my knowledge and my other classmates'. I hope to take away much from it and now must navigate the lovely New York Times and catch up on some violence/war related articles for a different class.

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