Saturday, July 23, 2011

Inspiration: Professional Dress

As I'm in Chicago over the weekend constantly thinking about the year ahead of me (and surrounded by amazing shopping), I cannot help but share my latest fashion interests, a few must-have "professional dress" items inspired by some of my style icons:

1. Light-Pink Jacket
This wonderful light jacket is just $59.90 from Akira and is a perfect, summer-y business coat, adding a touch of girlieness to almost any work outfit. (Style inspiration: Emma Watson in New York City.)

2. Blue Blazer
I love the versatility of blazers and purchasing one in a shade of blue is inspired because it gives you an item that's wearable during almost any season. Though I prefer the light-blue shade below, this blazer from Zara is the perfect length and just $49.99. (Style inspiration: Mary Kate Olsen at an event for one of her clothing lines.)

3. Sheer Blouse
Finding the perfect blouse and/or top to go with work outfits is proving to be an insanely difficult task because it can be hard to gauge what's appropriate but Line and Dot has wonderful choices and though this $80 one is not the exact style worn by the celeb below it is pretty close. (Style inspiration: Rachel Bilson in LA. )

4. Colored, Crop Pant
Honestly, who doesn't love jeans. I am a personal fan and this style from J Brand is perfect because it comes colored so doesn't look quite as jean-y; that way, you're comfortable and stylish while working. Plus, the pair linked is the exact one purchased by the Duchess herself, for $169! (Style inspiration: Kate Middleton while vacationing in Canada.)

5. A Splash of Color
I love the idea of adding color to one's wardrobe, especially since I tend to purchase jewel toned clothing and/or greys. These booties are by Christian Michaels for Zappos and are priced at about $92 — they will add the tiniest bit of color for those who shy away from it and can go with casual outfits, too! (Style inspiration: Audrey Hepburn in Charade.)

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