Friday, July 22, 2011

Harry Potter 'Obliviates' the Competition

I honestly was fully committed to not posting anything on Harry Potter again for a long while (well, at least until Pottermore launched) but, as it turns out, I've come back to gloat. ;)

The latest installment in the Potter franchise has already set the following records:

* Highest Midnight Gross - $43.5 million
* Highest Single-Day Gross - $92 million (Friday, 07/15/11)
* Highest Domestic Opening Weekend - $169.2 million (U.S.)
* Highest global opening weekend - $478.2 million.
* Highest IMAX opening weekend - $15.2 million (a $55,000/theater average)

There's more where that came from, however, because on Wednesday Potter became the highest grossing franchise ever with $2.223 billion in sales worldwide, just surpassing Star Wars (though the latter remains the most attended franchise).

More random HP stuff . . .

Check out this creepy Parseltongue Translator from Warner Bros.

Did you know? A Michigan effects company was employed to help make Deathly Hallows — Part 2 transform into 3D.

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