Monday, April 27, 2009

Why Did You Hire Me?

Today's reading, with the title above, serves as a motivational article for people who question their standing once they have entered the work force.

The author made the career decision to join a corporate company because he had financial troubles and the position being offered him provided the most job security. Although he felt at the time that he may not fit in or wouldn't enjoy the work he'd be doing he still jumped in.

As a result, he ended up not doing everything that he thought the position would give him the freedom to do and in this article he shares his strategy for turning his situation around.

He carefully observed the team he oversaw and made logs of their work and progress. He continuously proved himself to his superiors and made meetings fun, regardless of how pointless or important he thought they they were, and in the end met with his boss' and subtly asked for more responsibility.

All in all, he says that it is up to you why you take a position or leave it, but he suggests weighing your decision with your career goals mainly and then choosing whether it will be worth it to help you achieve those goals.

The end.

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