Thursday, April 9, 2009

Uploading and Learning Photoshop

To start with today we got to briefly learn how to use some elements within Photoshop, which is fabulous because I have so very much to work on in there that I really need to learn what I'm doing. I am now a bit more comfortable with layers but I'm slightly worried about this final project because the making of the three logos is going to be quite the challenge. I'm not really positive how to make them totally different but my plan is to first create the actual SIP logo, then do the same one but use greys, black and white as its color scheme and lastly to create one that is simply the letter SIP quite large (with the name small below it) and have them look like the world inside their casing... if that makes sense!

Okay, so here's the big frustration for me. I have to call the AFS people to try and get more space because for this class I really really need it!! So I'm going to try and do that since it is quite the pressing matter (especially since I really want to upload all of my photos for this project AND create all of my HTMLs :/

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  1. I'm glad we figured out how to lessen those image sizes. That should definitely help you out.