Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More help for Mod4

The readings for tomorrow's class have been quite helpful, especially the one entitled "Website Design: Design." This particular article talked a lot about important things to consider and aim for when creating your website's design.

This is really going to help my planning for Module 4 because creating the style sheets is going to be an extremely difficult task.

The best rule to me was: be simple. If a design works without a certain element in it -- kill it.

On a different note, I was supposed to meet with Mr. Fuentes to discuss our site, but he was unfortunately not in the office. I was hoping to look at different sites from the "helpful design resources" from the Materials section on our angel course page, so that I could have a bit more to go off of in class when we start working soon. I'm sure all will go smoothly though!

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  1. Do as much as you can on your own and, if need be, use that time to bring in more design materials to show him when you can meet up. I am glad the readings have been giving you inspiration for other parts of Module 4. Remember there is that final summary document you need to construct as well so think about how these journals and some of our other class work you have done can help.