Monday, February 16, 2009

Tomorrow's Readings -- 2/17

Happy President's Day everyone! (In case you didn't know that was today, ha.)

Anyway, I have just completed the reading of Chapters 2 and 3 of Jeffery Zeldman's Designing With Web Standads. I have to say that it was quite enlightening.

Chapter 2 discussed primitive sites from the 90s and how Web designers often focus too much on the marketing/brand factor of a site, which Zeldman believes is important but must not ignore basic standards. This is because standards make sites compatible so that they are able to work in most every browser.

Chapter 3 expanded upon these ideas in a way. Here the reader learns that Web standards are the key to achieving the common goals that Web designers all possess, to create an easy to use site that is also formatted for its audience. Zeldman then goes on to discuss various products that have emerged to encourage the compliance to standards: CSS, JavaScript, updated Internet browsers, etc.

That is all I have for this evening because it is inching closer and closer to sleepy time. Goodnight.

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