Thursday, February 12, 2009

Finally!! Module 2 is Completed :)

Thanks to some help and much needed allotted time, I was finally able to complete this pretty difficult assignment.

I am, however, going to let it sit done for a few hours and go back to read it a little bit later before I submit it. Just to make sure I was able to do it right.

My overall conclusion about Nylon vs. Zeldman was this:

The two sites definitely had some similarities because both made use of the same basic coding terms. Nylon’s site definitely came off more complex because it involved the use of a lot of graphics and color scheme changes whereas the Zeldman site was much more plain and simple as far as its overall design goes. The complexity of Nylon compared to Zeldman was also obvious simply by the fact that Nylon had a lot more code and, therefore, had a longer ‘page source.’ Both are ideal sites and work well for what they are meant to do.

Thank you and goodnight. Haha. [I'm really giddy right now because I just had a meeting with some Greece girls and I am so excited about this trip that I could scream!!]

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