Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In-Class Visuals

I'm not going to lie, today in class I was basically confused.

We had to create a visual in whatever computer program we so chose, highlighting 5 or 6 of the most important things Web authors need to consider and carry out with regards to creating their own Websites. Yet all we were obtaining this from was the first chapter of Zeldman's novel which we were to read before class (of course, I did this). I read the chapter and to me it was about how important it is that the Website you create is compatible with all browsers, it did have a lot of other information in it that was more specific, but that was the main idea and one of the only things that stuck with me.

However, in the end Lauren and I were able to pull through and we found a few different things to point out... I sure hope it was done correctly!

... we also learned how to use AFS on MSU, which we need so that we can post our website/publish them. I knew how to save stuff in here, however, because we learned it in CSE101. Lucky me! Haha.

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