Thursday, February 27, 2014

Polar Plunge: Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel's Twitter Challenge

Oh, the joys of Jimmy Fallon and his social media prowess. If you don't already follow the man on Twitter, you need to. He is honestly the best tweeter out there because he just gets the platform and the Twitter generation.

Thanks to Fallon's open invitation to a Tonight Show appearance for — and admittance to his fear of  Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanual, which he mentioned while being interviewed about Tonight by a Chicago news outlet, Emanuel reached out to Fallon, challenging him to be a man and do the Polar Plunge. In honor of the Special Olympics, the Polar Plunge has a $150 ticket price and involves people "plunging" into the cold waters of Lake Michigan this Sunday, March 2. 

In exchange for Fallon's plunge, the mayor will appear on an upcoming episode of Tonight. To check out all the conversatin around this, follow the hashtags #JimmyPlungeWithUs and #SwimmyFallon (and Fallon's most recent tweets below).

Read more on the Chicago Sun-Times.

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