Thursday, May 30, 2013

#ShipMyPants by Kmart

In a time where one single video (in this case an advertisement) can put you on the map, brands have to  really think outside the box to make their message compelling to audiences across multiple levels — social, print, digital and television. Kmart's most recent endeavor to "break the mold" did just that.

Kmart, a relatively conservative retail brand, took the topic of online shopping and turned it into a play on words that highlights their we'll-ship-it-to-you-free-anywhere (home or your favorite location) program while also appealing to its audience's sense of humor. The retailer used social listening as an early test to anticipate the reaction of a much wider audience, partnering with ad-creator agency Draftfcb Chicago for the full spot. The result? Up to 13 million views within the week and 18 million to date, on par with "viral" YouTube views of spots that aired during the Super Bowl.

Key Lessen: Pay attention to your social audience and use their reaction to help inform larger business decisions. The results could, and most likely will, surprise you.

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