Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Could "Friends" BE Any Greater?

With the upcoming reunion of one of my favorite small screen couples on NBC's Go On this April, it only seems appropriate to take some time and honor what remains arguably one of the best sitcoms of all-time (definitely top 5). How? By reminiscing over my favorite episodes of the series. This was so hard — seriously — to choose, but I've narrowed my list down to 5 of what I feel make up the best showcase of its 10-season run... plus a few alternates.

  • The One Where No One's Ready, Season 3
    • My favorite episodes will always be those in which the cast in a room together for pretty much the whole show. This one sticks out in my mind for so many reasons, the best of which is the competition for a chair's "essence" between Chandler and Joey, resulting in Joey wearing all of Chandler's clothes while going commando. Also, Phoebe gets the hummus, Monica changes Richard's outgoing phone message and Ross almost drinks fat as the gang tries to get ready for a benefit.
  • The One With the Embryos, Season 4
    • Though this episode would be more aptly titled "TOW the Bet" or "TOW the Trivia Game," I love the way it counteracts the hilarity of the who-knows-who-better trivia game (between Chandler, Joey, Monica and Rachel) with Phoebe's journey to becoming a surrogat for her brother. The best of the trivia game's lil' ditties: Chandler's TV Guide comes addressed to "Miss Chanandler Bong" and Rachel makes up a job title — transponster.
  • The One Where Ross Got High, Season 6
    • Thanksgiving episodes are among the best of each season and are a must-re-watch for me every time the holiday is near. This one is my particular favorite thanks to the brilliant shout-out match of confessionals at its end (and Judy Gellar's fab reaction). Plus, who could forget Rachel's trifle? "Custard: Good. Jam: Good. Meat: Gooood."
  • The One With the Videotape, Season 8
    • There is not one bad thing I could ever say about this episode. Many feel the show began to dip as the seasons went on but, to me, the cast just got better and better. The way the two different story lines tie in is brilliant enough (the notion of being "fake numbered" versus the "who came onto who?" banter surrounding a videotape of the night Ross knocked up Rachel), add to that the formula of the entire ensemble in a room together, and... you've got TV gold.
  • The One Where the Stripper Cries, Season 10
    • Friends became infamous for its flashback episodes, especially if they included "chubby Monica," and this episode was the last time the creators ever took us back. Along with some amazing revelations about the characters' college years, we get the adorably clueless Joey competing on a game show and hilarious stripper antics at Phoebe's "elegant" bachelorette party, courtesy of Danny DeVito. 
I'd love to hear 'em so please share your favorite Friends moments in the comments. :)
[NOTE: Runners up include The One With the Cop, The One With the Nap Partners, The One Where They're Up All Night and The One Where Everybody Finds Out]

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