Monday, February 4, 2013

Super Bowl XLVII Ad Round-Up

The advertising profession's biggest day has passed. Naturally, I'd like to weigh in on what I found to be the most enjoyable ads of the night — top 5 style. (Though, let's be honest, nothing can top the blackout and the consequent buzz allotted both Buffalo Wild Wings and Oreo afterward.)

1. Jeep, Whole Again
Oprah is the only person who can follow Beyoncé. Also, I teared up. The end.

2. Tide, Miracle Stain 
I'm not gonna lie: Generally, my favorite commercials during the Super Bowl are NFL-related. It's the league's time to shine and I seriously love the sport so they totes speak to me. Though Tide is not the NFL, they did the best job this year of bringing football to life with this totally unbiased take on rivalry. Can it be next September already?

3. Budweiser,  #Clydesdales: Brotherhood
Horses + a "man's best friend" vibe = adorable waterworks. Ah, to have amazing pets.

4. Oreo, Whisper Fight
Shhh! Even the police whisper. This also wins for best social integration since it is a specific plug for the brand's Instagram account.

5. Taco Bell, Viva Young
Part of their ongoing "Live Más" campaign, this commercial rocks because it turns fun.'s "We Are Young" into a Spanish song and entertains the idea of a nursing home sneak out. Senior citizens are always funny. Always.

Best Celeb Endorsement: Tied between Best Buy's Asking Amy (Amy Poehler) and Samsung's The Next Big Thing (Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, LeBron James)
Best Tie to New Orleans: Bud Light's #HereWeGo "superstition" ads (here and here).
Worst Commercial Noise: Go Daddy's #TheKiss. Seriously, no one needed to hear that.

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