Wednesday, August 8, 2012

This is Country Music

If this summer's been good for nothing else, I can at least say that it was well spent dominating the country music scene in Chicago. How have I dominated it? Well, over the past month I've been to not one, not two, but three country concerts, and seen not one, not two, but five major country artists perform. For effect, I'm throwing in a hashtag here: #WINNING.

Though many openly admit their beef with country music and bash it at every chance they get (and the hipster seen in Chi-town would most likely scoff at my musical taste), I am going to throw one thing out there: If the only concert you ever see in your life is a country one, you've made a wonderful decision because without a doubt country artists put on great shows — after all, live music is what the genre's all about.

The two videos included with this post are from two of the aforementioned concerts. The first is Kip Moore at Joe's on Weed St. performing a cover of "Free Fallin'." The second is Dierks Bentley at Taste of Chicago performing his hit single "Am I The Only One?" with special Chicago lyrics he'd written on his tour bus. Yeehaw!

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