Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Just Watched: The Muppets

...and I loved it!! "It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights," it's time to meet the Muppets! This movie has it all, perhaps the best of which includes obvious references to the fact that it is, in fact, a movie. The goal of the film from the get-go is very clear and very heartwarming: The Muppets is meant to give the muppets themselves the comeback they deserve — both on- and off-screen — and introduce the world to Walter, the newest muppet. In my opinion, it succeeds wholeheartedly in that goal and gives us a million more things to smile about. I promise you will not be disappointed to have spent money on this Disney tale. To writer and star Jason Segel: Well done!
Best on-screen moment: It's a tie between the musical number "Man or Muppet" and when TV executive Veronica Martin (Rashida Jones) tells the muppets that they're not famous anymore, subsequently pointing out that Punch Teacher — interpretation literal — is the most popular show on her network.

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