Thursday, July 28, 2011

Food Truck Frenzy!

Okay, so my topic (I'm not sure why this is all of a sudden a popular thing but apparently it is): food trucks.

Imagine my shock when perusing my Google Reader feed today, I came across a Mashable article on food trucks its readers can't get enough of. That isn't the weird part though (since the site has numerous posts on the vehicles), the weird part is that the list includes two trucks located around my alma mater — one in Lansing, one in East Lansing.

That said, I decided to do some research on the trucks and share it with you. (I've also decided to make it my goal before moving to Chicago to visit these moving restaurants.)

The Purple Carrot (East Lansing, Mich.) - Website

The Purple Carrot is all about locally grown cuisine and has made it its mission to bring food from farmers regionally right into the hands of consumers, since Michigan's agricultural variety is second only to California. Yay! Sign me up for lunch tomorrow. ;)

Trailer Park'd (Lansing, Mich.) - Website

Trailer Park'd is very similar to Purple Carrot in that it also offers locally grown menu items but different in that it focuses on the cooking concept of "slow food." Additionally, Trailer Park'd is incredibly active on Facebook and Twitter — they even have a bird that follows you around their home page. Classic.

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