Tuesday, June 28, 2011

I Just Watched: Bad Teacher

I definitely lost my surprise at the rating of this movie (R) soon after it began. Despite being absolutely hilarious, the flick was a tad dirty at points. Unlike just about every other movie in existence, the protagonist, Elizabeth Halsey, does not quite learn her lesson in life (though she does in love); however, she does cease teaching ... only to become the middle school guidance counselor. As in almost everything he does, Jason Segel (TV's How I Met Your Mother) is the real charmer in this flick, while Bad Teacher's breakout star is Phyllis Smith (TV's The Office) as the indecisive Lynn Davies. To address the hot topic surrounding the movie, former real-life flames Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake manage easy on-screen chemistry while making post-breakup friendship look like a cinch. Bad Teacher may not be the greatest movie of the season, but it was an enjoyable one (and I'm loving the female badasses in this summer's comedy romps).
Best on-screen moment: It's a tie between whenever Miss Halsey (Diaz) gives advice and whenever Miss Davies (Smith) tries to make a decision.

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