Thursday, June 3, 2010

Portfolio in Process

This summer is currently a crazy one.

I have this massive to-do list in my head of all the things that must be accomplished if I am going to feel as though I used my time wisely.

Actually, the to-do list itself is not all that huge. It only seems like it will be next to impossible to complete because I happen to be insanely busy with the rest of my life.

So, here is the list:
1) Finish and execute a working online portfolio.
2) With the online version completed begin to brainstorm pieces for a physical, hard copy portfolio
3) Plan and execute both the VIM magazine model search fundraiser as well as the September launch party

Why is this so much to handle?
1) I'm taking 6 credit hours
2) I'm working at the State News and interning at the RHS Marketing Communications office on campus

That said I love life and am having a blast but truly need to figure out how I can accomplish my personal goals and at the same time perform well in both school and work. I'm not too worried.

All of that said, I would like to close this post and ask for any advice any of you people searching the blog world may have for me in the form of excellent portfolio sites you have seen or possible places that I could buy a professional portfolio binder. Thanks for listening to this rant. Later today, I will post a photo of the planned "look" of my online portfolio that I am in the process of coding.

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