Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Worries and Final Four Page analysis

The final site is inching closer and closer and closer and closer! Suffice to say, I am nervous about its outcome :-/

I have a lot of materials to create it and should be able to come up with good content, but I seriously need to crack down and WORK on it. There are a lot of pages that need to be completed and I can't be slacking. It is my plan to today upload all of the info I have been given into my AFS space and I plan to soon finish my SIP logo (I should've done so forever ago). I think I'll be able to pull it off though. This week or over the weekend I plan to dive back into Module 4 and pull my favorite elements from the CSS files I have created, combining them into what SIP will actually look like! Crazy!

Moving on, due to my extreme excitement yesterday I had actually already checked out the Final Four page created especially for our lovely Spartans on their journey. Unfortunately, we lost the championship game in a slightly miserable fashion, but no one can complain about second place!

Anyway, about the site (which can be visited @ http://special.news.msu.edu/finalfour09/):

After looking at the page source it appears that MSU has a main CSS that defines anything created by the university and this is no different. The page is very consistent with the MSU home page. The ids are very basic and straight-to-the-point, which makes it a lot less confusing to decipher where it is that are certain bit of the content comes into play.

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