Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Usability Results!

Today I got back all of my usability test responses and they were, for the most part, positive. The main concerns were - of course - the bottom navigation, which is inconsistent from page to page though I am trying my absolute HARDEST to change that.

The next was that the video does not work, which is only because there is no video currently. Once I have something to place there I will for sure do so.

Some believe I should make the content slightly more thorough and increase the size of some of the links, which I also believe is a good idea and is something that I wish to change.

Lastly, the blue color seems to bother many. Therefore, I decided to use my blue gradient in the background so that the color slowly fades and is not so "in-your-face."

Hopefully if I am able to change each of these it will help the site to look better and be better in general. As for the video, I'm thinking in my spare time I'm going to have to create one because the group has not yet done so and I'd like to use it in order to explain SIP better.

I will consult Carlos tomorrow and maybe get a head start on it.

Wish me luck :)

1 comment:

  1. I am glad you found the responses helpful. Remember, these are the opinions of others so you have to determine what is ultimately best for your site.