Thursday, April 23, 2009

P.S. Video!

By the way. I met with Mr. Fuentes to day and I finally have a video to go off of that I will be able to tweak, add different music to, and speed up the pace of so that it can go alongside the "About Us" column on the home page - as was requested by all o the people who critiqued my site.

So I am very excited about that!

I also have brief profiles of this year's SIPers, so I can create a page with their names, majors, ethnicities, etc. on it and link it to some are of the site... I have yet to figure out exactly where will be best though. I guess I'll get some suggestions.

AND we went through and learned captions for the pictures that will most definitely need it, many are self explanatory once you get the first one though, so I will either not caption them or use the same captions as the ones before/after them. Again, we shall see.

I'm so excited to get closer and closer to finishing.

However, tomorrow in class I really need to focus on my photoshop documents... ay ay ay.

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