Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Fools!

Today, I didn't do the readings b/c it's a holiday ;) Haha. Kidding!

Anyway, bad joke aside I'm actually just going to talk a little bit about my meeting with Mr. Fuentes.

I went in to meet with him this afternoon... let me tell you my day was HEC-TIC.... sooooo much going on..... so when I got there I was thinking, oh dear, I hope we can touch on the points and not get too off-track to save us both sometime. Luckily he had a meeting to go to, so he was sort of in the same mindset (we can have really good conversations if we talk too much), haha. Anyway, he was very helpful we talked a bit about the two CSS sheets I've created and what we can take from each to combine them and make one that is perfect and tossed around some ideas for more things we could do. We're also going to try and get me more pictures in case I need them... I'm not sure I will, but we'll see.

Wish me luck. Tomorrow. All Day = WRITING MY PAPER. And I mean alllllllll day.

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