Monday, March 30, 2009


Well, well, well. I have just accomplished the finishing of my lovely readings for tomorrow. It took an insanely long amount of time but I trucked through it, thankfully, and now know more about colors than I ever thought I would.

My favorite moment in all of it, however, was during the article "Color Theory for the Color-Blind." The author focused on different ways that you can look at color based on wheels and the hexadecimal system, et-cetera. Then, near the close he wrote a section titled 'That's Nice, but I Like Cheating' and went on to explain that while there are many ways to figure out which colors will work best with one another, he prefers to pay attention to his surroundings whenever he is out and about and... if he sees a color scheme that he likes... he will take a picture of it and, perhaps, use it later. Ha.

... Maybe I'll have to start doing just that.

Time to go try and do some Econ studying before returning to Module 4. Eep.

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